Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Ok, so this has absolutely nothing to do with sports but considering how much of our program time had been devoted to Andrew's (former) career at Waldbaum's I thought it was appropriate.

These two college kids working in the produce department of their local A & P (At which their father is the produce manager) were fired after filming a spoof rap video inside the store. The video entitled "Produce Paradise" has now not only cost them their jobs, but could cost them a cool MILLION dollars if A & P is successful with their law suit.

To think, after all the stories and antics we heard from "The Baum's" this could have been our Andrew--A & P and Waldbaum's are even owned by the same company these days.

I would have posted the video here, but aside from it being completely idiotic and a cheap "Lazy Sunday" ripoff, it's also a tad offensive at times and we ARE a family show.

Then again if you REALLY want to see it just search for "Produce Paradise" on YouTube, at least until it's ordered down.

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