Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blame the Messenger, Again.

USA Today's Bob Nightengale joins us tonight at 9:05PM.

Talk about good timing--Bob Raissman is reporting that the Major League Baseball Players Association is "condemning" Mr. Nightengale's reporting tactics in gettting Jason Giambi to say that baseball needs to apologize for steroids and in getting Gary Sheffield to accuse Bud Selig of lying and grandstanding.

The Union--really an Association because a real union would have to honor strikes by hot dog vendors--is not saying that he violated off-the-record rules but rather that the players didn't know that the conversations were for publication. Surely, Mr. Nightengale should have realized that he was dealing with media neophytes in Messrs. Giambi and Sheffield.....

If I was Bob, I would say I'm SORRY to Jason but never say why. I would also tell Mr. Sheffield that I thought that I was CLEAR about being on the record.

Tying it up with one big steroids-laden ribbon, let's not forget that Mr. Nightengale first discussed steroids in baseball in 1995.

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