Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Best Vacation Ever!

While Newsday's Neil Best is thus far sticking to his guns of maintaining Blog Silence while on his vacation, he will not be keeping Radio Silence as he'll be joining us live at 10PM tonight on Long Island's 90.3FM.

Bob Glauber insists (read: bets) that Mr. Best won't be able to stay away from blogging during his self-imposed hiatus by going so far as to launch a contest predicting when Neil will crack. Newsday colleagues (and past Sports Talk guests) Anthony Rieber, Ken Davidoff and Mark LaMonica have all chimed in with their musings on the subject. Speaking of LaMonica, he and I share a high school alma mater. He also maintains a Blog devoted to Co-Host Steve's favorite show. Co-Host Steve's last name is Novick--kinda like these guys, I guess. Of course, he's still listed on their roster, coming right after a guy named Turnbull.

One final note: It's just our luck that Neil's on a break from the Blog when our little 100% commercial-free, no one makes one thin dime from it, Sports Talk radio show could use the promotion. Incidentally, in looking up that hyperlinked Martin Short film, I found out that Mr. Short's son Oliver is attending my college alma mater.

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