Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I really have no story here, I just really, really wanted to use that headline. Jose Offerman is in trouble again. Shades of Juan Marichal and Johnny Roseboro, this time.

When the Peter Max sculpture fell when they were honoring ARod the other night, I immediately thought of the cow upending Phil Rizzuto back in 1985 on Phil Rizzuto/Tom Seaver's 300th Day. Then, the news broke that the Scooter had been traded to the Angels.

So, I went to Phil Rizzuto's page on and found that Scooter's stats most compare to those of Jose Offerman (yet somehow Scooter is #2 on Offerman's list to this guy).

Now, I find out that Jose is back in the news today. And, they ejected Tommy John, too!

Bud Harrelson, another New York shortstop who knows from being upended, is the co-owner of and third base coach for the Ducks. He is also cross-referenced on the Offerman page.

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