Friday, November 30, 2007

Say G-Bye to L-Millz

Lets just say I didn't see this one coming.

The Mets have traded Lastings Milledge to the Washington Nationals for C Brian Schneider (Their 3rd catcher in a month) and OF Ryan Church, a 29 year old 4th outfielder.

Now it's no surprise that the Mets were still looking for a catcher, and there are a number of people who feel that all Church needs is a chance to play everyday, but what seems to have caught everyone off guard is the apparent lack of Milledge's value that this trade clearly implies.

With young outfielders being the Mets strongest trading chip, to deal the most established of their prospects to plug holes that aren't leaking simply doesn't make sense to me. Within the next few days I hope to read about how no team with a frontline starter would go near Milledge, or see Church get sent to Oakland, Minnesota, or Baltimore.

On the "bright" side, at least now the Mets will get some attention from the back pages again, and this trade in no way adds to the "Los Mets" debate. Yippee!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Audio of Ralph V. Interview

Thanks to our very good friend Ralph Vacchiano for joining us last night and for directing his Blog readers here.

The audio of the interview can be found at or by simply clicking here.

It's 45+ commercial-free minutes of nothing but Giants talk. And, it's in MP3 format.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Big Blue Beat Reporter Ralph Vacchiano Joins Us Tonight

Lately, we haven't been doing a good job of promoting our upcoming guests here as well as we should. But, we will make up for that today....

Tonight, King of All Giants Media (our term for him) Ralph Vacchiano from the New York Daily News joins us to talk all things Giants--and believe me, there's a whole lot to talk about. (though I still think 7-4 beats 4-7 any day)

Ralph will be joining us live at 9:10PM on Long Island's 90.3FM.

In the past, Ralph has been kind enough to describe our show as his "favorite show to do." We take this as high praise indeed, given Ralph's gigs with MSG, Sirius, and SNY, just to name a few.

And, thanks to the good people over at Big Blue Interactive, the Giant Insider,, The Yankee Zone and On The Bench for posting interview questions to be passed on to Ralph.

We're not yet webcast, but we'll put up the interview as soon as humanly possible tonight--both here and at the Filefront site.

Thanks, and please tell some friends!

P.S. Please feel free to pass along this news to other Giants websites, and please send their links to us.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Night of 100 Brusstars

When I was a kid, I collected baseball cards for fun.

There were 2 ways of "flipping" and only 1 card company (that mattered, anyway)--Topps.

In 1978, I had 23 Warrem Brusstar's. I counted. It got to be that every time that I bought a pack of new cards, there was the curly-haired, mustachioed Phillies pitcher staring me in the face.

Today, I went to Wikipedia and looked up Mr. Brusstar for the heck of it. Guess which card is on his page?!?!?

You will note that neither of my co-hosts was even alive in 1978.