Monday, January 21, 2008

All That Needs to be Said

Credit goes to Chris for thinking to find this gem online:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Say it Ain't So, Joe

"Super" Joe McEwing has retired.

It's hard to believe that he only played 9 seasons in the big leagues, 5 of them with the Mets.

If you ask me, now would be a good time to offer him a coaching job. We know David Wright would be happy, and maybe he's just the guy to keep Jose on the straight and narrow too.

If not, so long Joe.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mr. Met Has a Gambling Problem

Hold all the Johan Santana talk!

Fred Wilpon may not have any money left to pay the world's greatest pitcher if someone doesn't cut off "Double-Zero's" credit real soon.

I just happened to be at the Trop last night and luckily there was enough money in my pocket to sit the kind of limits the big guy was playing. Mr. Met played fast and drank even faster, but the women he had with him were by far the fastest.

Actually these are pictures from my Dad's surprise 60th birthday party, at which Mr. Met was a huge hit.

We have been and always will be commercial free, but as a friend let me recommend looking into booking him for your next event. I know Chris would agree with me.

We'll get some photos from both of our parties up real soon.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Giants Playoff Talk with Mike Garafolo

Last night, we had Giants beat reporter Mike Garafolo from the Newark Star-Ledger as our live guest.

The very first time Mike joined us was from the side of the road in the Bronx 2 years ago, so he's always been most accommodating, to say the least.

We had a good time on the call and even used some James Lipton questions at the end.

I've put the interview up at

or you can just click here

(I hope to have it up on Switchpod, as well)

It's 33+ commercial-free minutes of nothing but Giants talk, and is in MP3 format.

As always, thanks!

Missed It By That Much

It's been a good week for me on the Newsday Blogs. First, I made the Sunday edition with my "Methinks that B12 is the new poppy seed bagel" You see, for the last 20 or so years, everybody I know has been warned that poppy seed bagels could make you fail a drug test. So, reflexively, people have been filling out "poppy seed bagels" on the drug test forms to cover all bases.

Then, Neil Best almost gave me Comment of the Week. After Neil wrote that he took an elevator with Gisele Bundchen the night of the Giants/Pats game, I opined that "As a reporter, you should have asked her if she was coming back from Gate D." Unfortunately, in siding with political correctness, Mr. Best could not give me the honor, as it would "give the impression I find the abuse women have taken from drunk Jets fans at that location to be funny, which I definitely do not." Instead, it went to Bob Glauber.

Here was my response:

Sportscaster Cliche Coming in 3,2,
Talk about snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory!
I did give you the Out with the "As a reporter" preface. You could have been asking her for her thoughts on the subject, as a New Yorker and as a woman. Heck, she used to date DiCaprio--you could have even asked her about Global Warming!
I'd also like to point her that one of her nicknames is "The Body" and she's been well paid to do in pictures what the Gate D'ers do for free/when most inappropriately coerced. So, with apologies to George Bernard Shaw, we're really just haggling over the price.
But, it's nice to see the Watch Dog take the High Road. Well-deserved Congratulations to Mr. Glauber. Perhaps, someday, we can get a live phoner out of him.

That last line about the phone interview is true. Unless it's a paid interview, Bob will not cut into family time to do a media interview, so it would have to be pre-taped. Because we're not paid, my wife won't let me down to the station for any pre-taping. So, we'll probably never get around to having him on.