Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mr. Met Has a Gambling Problem

Hold all the Johan Santana talk!

Fred Wilpon may not have any money left to pay the world's greatest pitcher if someone doesn't cut off "Double-Zero's" credit real soon.

I just happened to be at the Trop last night and luckily there was enough money in my pocket to sit the kind of limits the big guy was playing. Mr. Met played fast and drank even faster, but the women he had with him were by far the fastest.

Actually these are pictures from my Dad's surprise 60th birthday party, at which Mr. Met was a huge hit.

We have been and always will be commercial free, but as a friend let me recommend looking into booking him for your next event. I know Chris would agree with me.

We'll get some photos from both of our parties up real soon.

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