Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Two Days.

Two Venues.

Three Steinbrenners.

Four Executives.

One Son in law.

All this and NOBODY can decide what to do with a sure fire Hall of Fame manager who was already told he would be fired?

This must all be some big gag. Brian, Joe, the Steinbrenner's and co. must have spent the past two days smoking cigars and sipping cocktails while laughing hysterically at the media circus surrounding these meetings. Either that or George has hired "The Bobs" from Office Space (Pictured above with two of the funniest facial expressions I have ever seen) to make all the personnel moves. Otherwise I don't have any other way of explaining how these two days have past without getting anywhere with this issue.

During last night's show I speculated that the decision had already been made to keep Torre, and the only thing left to figure out was how to get around the Boss's ultimatum without the Steinbrenner patriarch losing too much face. Not even that would take this long.

What I find even more insane is this comment made by Brian Cashman, which he just happened to make while he was heading for the airport to go back to New York, since the meetings will apparently continue via conference call. Anyhow, he said "We hold Joe Torre in the highest regard and obviously that's why we are taking the time, and this process is in place to decide what's best moving forward." While I can obviously accept the fact that the more respect you have for someone the more care you would take in deciding their future, but not if it means embarrassing them on a national stage in the process. Let's face it, as crazy as these TWO days with no answers have been it has been a full ELEVEN days since George's threat, and NINE days since the Yankees were sent packing.

There's a growing sentiment that Joe Torre should just tell the Yankees where they can go and what they can do with their meetings and just walk away, and I'm now firmly in agreement.

Run Joe, run as fast as you possibly can. If this is any indication of how big decisions are going to be made in the Post-Boss era, then you don't want any part of it.

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