Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Letters, We Get Your Letters

Since I'm going to be pontificating on air at great length tonight from 9PM to 11PM, I figured I'd solicit opinions from our "Friends" on our MySpace page and use them here:

Christine from Syosset writes:

I think it's just sad that they went from 7 games ahead on Sept 12 to losing out on the playoffs completely. It is like they half got so confident they thought it should just be handed to them and then bc of that they just stopped trying. All season long we heard "your season has come" "the team the time" So our season has come to make history for the biggest collapese ever? The team the time to choke? They need to make some major changes though I have no idea what they should be. Watching sundays game was just sad bc after the first inning of 7 runs you watched the mets stop trying. they could have easily comeback and scored 7 or more runs in the game. But they did not they gave up and instead gave the last place Marlins another win, secured phillies spot in the playoffs, and disappointed every single met fan.
Sean from Levittown writes:
The clubhouse had a arrogant attitude that began with Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado. Carlos Delgado must exit from the franchise. His time is up and he is bad for morale.

I'll be updating this posting, as I receive more letters from angry Mets fans.

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